Best Wireless Headphones

Best Wireless Headphones

A good pair of headphones can last long if you take good and extra care of them, both the wired are wireless headphones have merits as well as demerits. However, if you love music but hate wires then wireless headphones are the best and appropriate option for you. These headphones are preferably for those people who want good sound quality without having any trouble or issue because of long wires. Wireless headphones are used by millions of people every second, every minute and every day from call center to fitness center. They are not as transportable as ear buds but works best for both home and office use.

A comfortable fit, quality active noise cancelling, excellent sound quality and crystal clear phone calls adds more to its worth. Few best wireless headphones are:

  1. Jabra Elite Active 65t
  2. Plantronic BackBeat Fit 2100
  1. Jabra Elite Active 65t:

Price: $190

These are the best workout headphones, completely wireless with perfect, pleasant and comfortable fit. If you love hearing music while jogging, running or working out then Jabra Elite Active 65t is perfectly ideal for you as it put up with some sweat. It is available in two colors:

  1. Black Titanium
  2. Copper Blue


  • It has digital assistant control so there isn’t any disturbance and disruption during workout.
  • It provides in-ear stability.
  • It has adjustable situational awareness mode so that you can be aware of the traffic while having conversation.
  • Battery life is approximately five hours and up to 15 hours in total with the pocket-friendly charging case.
  • It provides 2 years warranty against sweat and dust.
  • It has 3rd generation true wireless stability that helps decrease call and music droupouts,
  • With Bluetooth 5.0 you can connect Elite 65t to your smart phone.
  • It is protected against sweat and water damage.


  • If you have to push buttons that controls tracks and volumes, you will have to push the earbud into your ears too, for this reason your ears start to fatigue.
  • There’s a slight audio lag.
  • They are fairly expensive.

2.Plantronic Backbeat Fit 2100:

Price: $100

These headphones are considered as the best headphones for running, they let surrounding noise to come in to keep you safe and protected from cars and other hazards. They are tough and hard as well as comfortable.


  • It has reflective finish to keep you visible at night.
  • It provides secure-fit ear tips and comfortable behind-the-ear design.
  • Neck band is flexible and light weight that does not fall off during workout.
  • It is resistant to sweat, rain and dust so you can wear them in extremely harsh weather as well.
  • Its battery life is about seven hours, with quick charge feature you can use it for one hour after just 15 minutes of charging.
  • With my-tap feature you can start a stopwatch, set a timer or pick your favorite playlist with just one or two taps.


  • The only flaw in Plantronic Fit is its inline remote that bothers while running, otherwise it is an amazing headset that provides quality music.

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